UniGeezer: "Goin' with the Flow...."

When the MUni’s away, the Coker will play! :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot just how FUN this is! (Watch for the 36er stair jump at the end, and a little “swing time” after the creds. :D)

Nice video and riding, as usual ;)! keep them coming :D.

:DTerry TARZAN Peterson:D
Fun again, as usual…
(HINT: try to get a bananabrand sponsorship):wink:

Nice Cokering Terry! When you getting your KH?

Terry Terrific … I gotta say , of all the vids posted on here I look forward to yours the most!

You always save the best for last. I like the stairs and swing.
Although the steep bit was impressive… looked like you got up quite a bit of speed to make it up that one. Reminds me of when I try ride at skate parks and go up those near vertical bits by going really fast.

Woah! I think I will go and try this stuff now…not! :astonished: …At least; not yet :wink: Surely you changed out the cranks for longer ones - what size for off-road, especially to negotiate steep sections? What brand of pedals are you using? What tyre is fitted?
Was the cam set up on a pole - how could you see you were shooting correctly? Great to see the 36 being used like this. Think I’ll try it on a tame section at home…yeah!!