UniGeezer: "Generation Gaps"

The younger generation wins it hands down when it comes to gaps and high jumps, but as a member of the older generation, I’m trying my best to “bridge” that gap-even if it’s just a little! Hope you enjoy.:smiley:

Haha, I dont know what to say that I havn’t already said about your vids… I’ve used many adjectives, but this time i’ll go with “stunning”.

7’5 is quite an achievement. Great vid.

Thanks so much! I’m thinking of using my other KH with the standard lighter kh rim, and no brake, when I go to that trail again. I think I could probably gap farther and hop higher with it. But yeah I think today I improved my gap width a little.:smiley:

How often do you ride Terry?

Pretty much every day, but mostly for endurance and distance MUni with some 36er rides mixed in a few days each week also. But I’m out on the trails 6-7 days a week, and usually do 7-9 miles each ride with a fair amount of climbing-which I really like-and downhill. I also really enjoy really technical MUni, as in my “Iron man” video. I need to be doing lots more of that to get better at it.

I haven’t spent much time trying to learn tricks and stuff, but I love to do big drops. Now I’m starting to push myself to do more gaps and other stuff. I’m expecting my new kh trials in a week or so, and then I plan to start practicing serious sif and highjumps in earnest! Other tricks too hopefully.:smiley:

ohh soo jealous. I want the ocean and the waves. I liked the video.

Haha I didn’t stay in long since it was super high tide and there were some pretty serious riptides and a strong undertow going on! :astonished: Refreshing though!:smiley: Edit: Some guys on surfboards almost ran into me-twice! I think maybe they were trying to tell me something…like, “GTFO” this is OUR territory!" :frowning:

sweet vid. humor as usual, I liked it!

Another great video Terry. You’re getting really good at those gaps. Watching you makes me want to get out there and go for it.

Holy cow. Thats awesome.

Great vid, just what I need to help kick me out the house and get me back riding. Think I may try some gaps. Too hot here now though, its just stopped raining and now its too hot :frowning:

Thats probably the first time I’ve ever seen a english man complain about it being too hot.

If your that picky about weather conditions then your never going to get to uni :astonished: take a big friggn waterbottle and go at it lol

Is a tape measure one of the tools you normaly carry on a mUni ride? How come you didn’t use it to measurethe depth of the ocean before you jumped in?

Great Video, Inspiring as always.

err… what to say this time? awesome again! But can that be 7.5 ft if the tape measure is bent and curved? Oh well

I always complain about it being too hot, I can handle the cold but as soon as the sun comes out, the sweat starts dripping and my energy is sapped. I realy hate it, I much rather it be cold. On realy sunny days I would rather it rained. At least when it rains you can just put a coat on or whatever and you can still carry on life. The best days are when its heavy overcast and dry :smiley: cool, no risk of sun burn and everything is dry and grippy.

Yeah, it wasn’t the most accurate, 'cause the tape measure kept bending down, and without anyone there to help hold it straight, it was hard to do it correctly. Whatever the actual distance, I think just having it there really gave me the incentive to shoot out there further than I had before. It was pretty fun!:smiley:

I love watching your videos, they are fun and very informative. I guess my burning question is this: What do you do for a living that allows you to be able to ride that much, and still eat, buy film, and keep your unis maintained?:smiley:

Thanks.:slight_smile: Yeah I took the tape measure with me this time, and just carried it in my backpack. It’s really hard to use it in uneven terrain like that, plus it collapses when trying to measure something with a slope/drop, since it just won’t stay straight. It was just all in fun and of course nothing was official lol! I LOVE MUNI YESH!:smiley: :sunglasses: :):stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks! I’m a piano tuner technician, and luckily I get to make my own schedule. I can always find time to ride and still work as much as usual. For me, riding is a way of life as integral to my being as anything else; I hate missing even one day of riding. :slight_smile:

So during this time of year, when it stays light out longer, I usually start work early so I can finish around 2-4pm. That still gives me several hours of daylight to get plenty of riding in.

Conversley, during the months of the year when it gets dark early, I start my day with a nice 2-3 hour ride, then work 'till 7pm or so if necessary. I usually take the weekends off so I can ride with friends and we usually do the more technical stuff then. :smiley: