UniGeezer: "Eight miles high!"

Up before dawn Saturday for 15 miles of awesome MUni at Backbone trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. Awesome views with 7.3 miles of continuous climbing and about 2,000 feet elevation gain. Then back down woo! To parahrase Pick Floyd, I was "UNcomfortably Numb" after the long, physically demanding ride! :o


I thought this time, for one last POV idea, I’d try mounting my camcorder directly to the Muni frame, specifically, the seat tube/post. I used a super wide angle lens to get as much in view as possible. Getting the camera safely and securely attached was a challenge, not to mention keeping it out of my way while pedaling! Interesting result and it really puts the viewer in the rider’s seat! :smiley:

wow it would be a dream to muni with you

your awesome and so is you vid

ohh and I don’t know why but im curios to know can you play the piano??

Thanks very much!:slight_smile: Where’s Manitoba St. Malo? In Canada right? Sounds like a beautiful place to ride for sure!

Btw, you look really good for 100 years old lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

The Good:

Nice old tunes. I’m Always eager to see a new Unigeezer clip

The Bad:

It gets a bit redundate watching a tire go round, and your legs go up and Down. You really don’t get much of a idea what the trail is really like

The Ugly:

CLEAN UP that kitchen,

On another note…I thought I was the only one that kept his camelbacks in the fridge. I do keep mine in a garage refridge, not the one in the main kitchen. My wife would blow a gasket if I did.

Thanks for the clip

Yeah I’m with you on count 2 & 3! :stuck_out_tongue: And I really need to hire a house cleaner lol! And yeah, I always try to put lots of variety in my [usual] vids, but this was really just something to try mostly as a visual experiment. I really contemplated whether to make a video from this footage at all, since I had a total of about 30 minutes of this pov stuff. Not much variety in that lol, so I whittled it down by a huge margin, and a little still goes a long way.

From here on I’m back to more familiar territory. :slight_smile:

Maybe if you clean up a little, and keep those mammalbacks out of the fridge, you could get a nice girl to come around. :smiley:

@ 52 I’m sure you’ve heard this before… Ha HA

MAybe the Camera mounted like that would be bettter if somone was riding in front of you ???

Im Guessing Manitoba, Canada, and St-Malo in france

for all you lazy ppl try this and type this St. malo manitoba


you welcome to ride with me just pm me
come for the sumer festival on the long week end

Btw, I had initially used a Beatles song (and a little difference in editing) in the first version of this vid:

Alternate Version

Cool song for sure but I liked the energy and title of the first one I posted better.:slight_smile:

I like the first one best

could you explain the red hood you were ? like im guessing that it block the sun right??

Edit: 400 th post yay

Yeah me too that’s why I went with the fist one, even though the Beatles are awesome, it just didn’t fit as well. But some may still prefer it to the first one-or hate both, haha, but that’s ok too. Everybody’s different, but that’s what makes the world go 'round! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s to block the sun. I tend to get a bad burn on my neck, even with sunblock, so it helps. :smiley:

Haha, the second one makes me sleepy…

Interesting perspective. I agree with Enoch on the redundant part, but I still enjoyed watching it as it’s not something that I’ve seen done before on a MUni.

Question though… just how buggered are you after these longer rides (seeing the last piece in your car) ? I find that if I do say a 3hr MUni ride I’m so tired I need to sleep for a few hours in the afternoon after the morning’s ride. :slight_smile: My heart rate averages around 140bpm for the 3 hours.

Thanks yeah I thought the perspective would be interesting. This is the longest and consistently steepest MUni ride I’ve done to date, and it definitely pushed me to my total limit. I routinely ride 9 miles with elevation gains of 1,500-1,700 feet, but usually the uphill climb is fairly steep, but gradual, with the steepest sections coming only in the last mile.

I did have a lot of discomfort on my sit bones from this ride for the first time, and it continued for a good 12 hours after the ride! I had never really experienced this pain from any MUni ride before. Anyway, I look forward to this ride again soon, and below is my garmin gps graph showing the elvation and distance, although I accidentally turned it off for about a mile, so it only shows a total of 14 miles.

Very nice, just one thing I HATE ERAGON, it annoys me…

Quite impressive Terry. I would love to use a GPS to track the route and elevation that I ride. Although it’s probably nowhere near what you’re currently doing :slight_smile:

Did a ride last night, was around 12km’s (about 7.5 miles) … half of which was straight up the side of the mountain.

Were you able to ride all the way up? That sounds incredibly hard! I had to hike parts of my accent when it just got too steep.


IMO the camera is too much “in the seat”. Gives me the feeling like you’re sitting on my head:p:( I’d mount it lower or zoom it in a bit.

I like it, a bit better than the sequal, “Eldest”. (I got them both in paperback at a used bookstore for like $3 each) The third of the trillogy is coming out Sept. 30 (hardcover).

I wish I could ride all the way up :slight_smile: I did end walk some of it, probably about 1km. In the area I go riding we’re lucky enough to have jeep track that goes around the forest and up the mountain, so riding it is just physically tough. But then I take all the single tracks on the way down.

Uphill !!!

Nice Terry!
Hey, I would be sooo interested too see some uphill footage! Wanna check out the technique…
Could-ya, would-ya???