UniGeezer: "Drop Everything!"

Hi everybody! Hope the weather’s not to bad where you are.:slight_smile:

Anyway, I just took advantage of a little break in the rain today to shoot some fun stuff. A little 36er ride thru traffic, some tree drops, then off to the beach for some bigger drops, including a 7 footer at the end. Yeah it was into the sand, but still a THRILL getting the big airtime and flying all that way down!!! Left a pretty deep crater too! :astonished:

One of the trickiest manuevers I’ve tried yet, was weaving between a row of pepsi liters on my 36er…using 127mm cranks! And they were spaced only about 28" apart; 8" less than the wheel diameter! It took a while to finally nail it!

After the creds is a little 36er ride thru the local Galleria Mall. I was asked to leave, but only after i got plenty of footage lol! :sunglasses:

Thanks to Perry for shooting the vid, and his buddy Jessie for taking the stills.:slight_smile:

Nice video. I was hoping to see the part with you getting kicked out of the mall.:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that bit at the beggining gave me a chuckle.

That was unfortunate the way you couldn’t roll out of that 7’ drop, but i’m sure your rim would have bent drastically if it was concrete.


Yeah no way to roll out on that drop it made a 8" deep crater on impact haha! Maybe I’ll go back and put down my little wooden ramp with a tiny incline but enough to roll out. Of course even the ramp would sink into the sand on impact!

awesome vid Terry, i dont know how u get the guts to do that…good medication i guess haha

You might have better luck trying some of those larger drops seat out, less chance of really ruining the important bits that way.

But awesome video, I’m working on a coker trick that I might get on video soon, I may have to do a street coker call out vid - I wish I had an airfoil though. I’m afraid to do what I really want to do on it.

+1 for seat out. You don’t even have to ride out of seat out, you can just continue moving down with your body after uni hits the ground and soften the impact in that way. You end up in a crouching position at the end of the drop. I think it’s the only way to do big drops into sand.

very nice video, enjoyed it a lot, the bginning made me laugh a lot thanks :smiley:

Very entertaining as usual. Nice control on your coke or pepsi slalom course. :slight_smile:

Another great video Terry !!! Liked the Coker skills, and those drops were amazing :slight_smile:

Haha! Great vid as always Terry. Liked the riding around the shopping mall, how much trouble did you get into for that?
Why does everyone drive so slowly in America? And stop in the middle of the road?


Terry, another very fun and interesting video, as always. I appreciate your good example to younger riders by always wearing your safety gear.

However, riding between cars the wrong way in the middle of a busy street seems to defeat the good example of wearing any kind of safety gear. As a father I certainly would not be too happy if my son watched this video and then tried to repeat it himself.

I look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future. Hopefully they will portray a more safety conscious example.

Just watched it with sound. OMG Terry! That first stunt, are you completely NUTS? I’d never attempt anything that dangerous!



Yeah that was a bit on the crazy side. But still not as scary as riding on a wall with as certain death fall on one side!:o

haha yeah, I was taking my life in my hands with that one!:stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the kid said it best at 4:10 ‘f’in intense’. Loved the movie I was smiling the whole way though, fantastic job.

Haha thanks! YEah that’s Perry, my friend and former riding buddy; he just basically lost interest and sold his Trials, MUni, Coker and bc! I think he’s been hangin’ with the wrong crowd!:frowning:

Great video, keep postin 'em. Hopefully there’ll be another break in the rain soon.

Yeah, tomorrow in my area…yay! Can’t wait to get back on the trails!:smiley:

you are mental loved every bit of the vidio had me smiling all the way through keep them coming