unicyle of tomorrow

This thing looks awesome.

yes but would it work

No I guess the spokes wouldn’t let the suspension work so it would be worthless.

The spokes wouldn’t get in the way. As far as I can tell the only purpose of the spokes is to hold up that little ring in the middle. But as that ring isn’t attached to anything I don’t quite see the point, other than adding some strength to the rim.

Uvi Of Tomorrow

Pedals geared to a large propeller. And a pneumatic seat post so you can hop over cars and freak them out. :wink: [URL=“www.tlb.org/eunicycle.html”] :smiley:


that design has been used… there is a japanese full suspension uni w/ a training wheel somewheresss

the pneumatic pistons need springs and to be hard… so that only a 5+foot drop would activate them, otherwise they would very effectively DESTROY the rim at any pressure… you need spokes holding the rim in place where the pistons meet the rim.

The perfect unicycle of tomorrow would have a comfortable saddle on which I could ride for miles and miles without having to worry about numbness or discomfort. Perhaps it would have an automatic (programmable) system of adjusting itself ever so slightly to increase and decrease the pressure at particular points. I would also be able to fit my backside on it comfortably.

massaging unicycle seat what?
that would be funny right there… but it might end up as a sex toy?

I might wait until tomorrow to get the unicycle of tomorrow. Why get it now when you can wait?


i think unicycles are going the opposite direction now that i have thought about it… they are only getting stronger…

a unicycle that you couuld take to water would be insane… a floating uni that you could pedal with in water, or treat it like water ski’s and hang on to a rope connected to a boat… i had a dream about that last night.

Like one of these?

those are stupid… they kill people quite often. unicycles shouldn’t kill people. what about those maaasive wheel things w/ paddles that are like hamster wheels?
couldn’t you ride a uni in one of those?

solid rubber tire?
who would even consider that?
exept the UDC 48" uni…
and people before they figured out that they could fill the rubber tire with air…

i believe i said you could pedal around on water too… that would be pretty sweeet. a square tire, with two supports on the side to help it stay up right, and when you pedaled, the ridges on the tire would propel the unicycle forwards.

unicycles of tomorrow?
(ok I’ll try to contradict Mikefule)

  • cranks that are adjustable on the fly
  • geared down and up (my opinion is: through chains!)
  • I have also an opinion on how handles should be for cruising only but need too much time to draw and explain.
    I know unicycle are kind of simple (though not that simple) and its their main strength … I know also that when they introduced gears to bicycle the same arguments that are now opposed to complex things in a unicycle were used!
    Since I use a unicycle for offroad (but not for complex offroad with big jumps) I feel I need a complex gearing system.
    for the moment I can go down mountains but not up ! And frankly, though lot of people will tell me to train, train, train … I would also like some help from gears.

Forget a better uni…let’s get a better seat

I just want one with a decent seat. There has got to be a better answer than the U-seats we ride on. My first uni in 1961 came with a standard derailleur seat. By the 70s, the Schwinns came with the funky U-seat we still have today. What I want is a “cruiser” seat made for a uni with the express purpose of distance riding…maybe with a little string and toggle that kept your from inadvertantly departing off the front. Just something that allowed a person to offload their privates and sit on their rump.

If you need to hop, or muni, or freestyle…we already have your seat. We do not have a decent seat for the person who wants to put in a week of 50 mile days. You should not go numb and your ability to stay on the unicycle should not be a function of the seat abuse that you can endure. Inventors…the world will beat a path to your door…


harder seats should technically be better for distance…I.E. all racing bike seats are hard and small. i think our distance seats should shoot for the same thing.
trials and muni… go for cushion and slimness… vertically

a bigger wheel would be great

Pneumatic 48x1.75” tire (and the rest of the uni to go with it):slight_smile:

If you use a towboat, you’re doing it wrong.