Unicyle Hockey turnament for Beginners Sunday 19. Januar 2014 in Dresden

we would like You invite to come to us, Sporthall from the 9 MS am Elbepark Dresden

one Team from Prag is comming.

cu Peter

more info in the german forum

or http://www.einradtag.de/inhalt/einradhockey-anfaengerturnier-19-januar-2014-in-9ms-am-elbepark

Thanks for info, but it is quite late as the tournament is tomorrow.

And I doubt there exist any unicycle hockey team in Poland so we would need to organise ourselves :wink:

lot of Hockey gams in Dresden 2016

we have lot of Hockey gams in Dresden next yaer 2016,
you can come, to play everytime

more Info by me, or einradtag

16.01.2016 - 10:00 - 16:00 Einradhockeyturnier Dresden (Nichtliga-Anfängerturnier)
14.02.2016 - Einradhockeyturnier Dresden
13.03.2016 - Einradhockeyturnier Dresden
19.06.2016 - Einradhockeyturnier Dresden
03.09.2016 - Einradhockeyturnier Dresden
02.10.2016 - Einradhockeyturnier Dresden

and some events more
27.07.-07.08. - Unicon 18 in San Sebastian/Donostia (Spanien)
06.08.-07.08. - EBM Seiffen 2016 - 15km Einrad-Querfeldein-Rennen

Sunday 29.05.2016 Beginner UnicycleHockey in Dresden

we have a Unicycle Hockey Turnament at Sunday 29.05.2016 in Dresden.

in the Motor Mickten Sporthall, Pestalozzi-Platz 20, 01127 Dresden

Everybody can come to play or to lock.

we had space for teams and solo unicycler.

normaly come two teams from CZ.

have Fun Peter

How went the event? I am waiting for the story. :slight_smile:

Results from 29.05.2016 in Dresden, next Tounament

it war’s great. and we have one team-place free. We make one Mix-Team.
Here the Results from 29.05.2016 in Dresden,

  1. Dresdner Einradlöwen 153
  2. Schillis Einradschoten 118
  3. Neustädter Einradflitzer S+J 101
  4. Uners Litoměřice 84
  5. Dresdner Einradtiger 51
  6. UniLipsSticks 34
    7 Mitmischen in Dresden! (MIX) 17

Details -> http://www.einradhockeyliga.de/archiv/2016/ergebnis365.html

next Unicyclehockeyturnament in Dresden (Motor Mickten sporthall)

  • Mo, 1.5. Dresden
  • Sa, 6.5. Cottbus with Circusfestival
  • So, 7.5. Cottbus with Circusfestival
  • So, 14.5. Leipzig
  • So, 21.5. Meißen
  • So, 11.6. Dresden
  • Sa, 23.9. Dresden

pleace come when you have time und fun.