Unicyle Club Presidents, Runners, etc...

Hey all, What sort of hardware, as unicycle club runners, do you bring to a club meeting?

Here’s my inventory:

All uni tools
Work Stand
5 Sandwich Boards, and rubber strips to prevent SB/gym floor slippage,
Spare Uni’s (I have 3, plus whatever club riders bring)
Laptop (for DVD playing and Record keeping)
Juggling balls (riders may bring spares)
Jump Rope
Music (providing the ‘music player’ shows up for the meet

ANything you bring that would make our meetings cooler?

Perhaps every once in awhile you could bring a camera or video recorder. Have some of the people do their stuff on video or in pictures and you could post some of it in the galleries :smiley: or you could just play it back to the group so they could see themselves which i think would be helpful. I figure all a club really needs is members though, so if you have memebrs, be thankful.

You could also bring Jagur in for show and tell.

Hey Sofa,

At the Iowa State club the officers and I bring the following:

((Fun Stuff))
Jousting Lances - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuq15
Skinnies and other collapsible structures - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albut38 (Be sure to check out the Coker skinny)
GPS - see attached map

((Standard Stuff))
Digital Camera
Cell phone
Paper and pencil
Allen wrenches
Tire Levers
Patch Kit
Crank puller and 14 mm socket
15 mm pedal wrench
Spoke wrench
Keys to our storage, which contains

  • extra unis
  • tire pump

Thanks to Lilschu for this one:

Thanks all, here’s what I forgot:

I bring a camera (check out LUC galleries

I have good jousting lances (broomsticks nestd in pool noodles) but I have no idea what I should make for shields, for example, a plyood shield would SUCK to fall on.

WHat do people use for jousting shields?

Hey george, In that first gallery that isnt a gb4 frame is it? THe one that br ba br br brroke? What happened.

I don’t know what “br ba br br brroke” means, but there are pictures of an aluminum prototype frame that I broke.

The frame weighed less than a pound and broke in part due to the fact that it wasn’t heat treated. If you really want to know about this use the search feature.


We’ve used metal trash can lids in the past. These work, but not very well because the metal tends to bend pretty easily.


Thanks, I’m still trying to track down something that won’t break ribs if fallen upon. Garbage can lids seem like they might.

jousting may be out until we can find something.

Perhaps a plywood shield with ‘pool noodle’ surrounding all edges? hmmmm

Re: Unicyle Club Presidents, Runners, etc…

Hockey sticks, nets and ball.

Are those skinnies collapsible? If so how do they collapse? I am getting ready to build some collapsible trials stuff and am looking for ideas.

Did you see the post awhile back about the folks in Washington state (I think it was Wash state) that were playing soccer with a large ball. I think it was about 30" diameter. Looked pretty cool.


Sort of. The ramps can be removed from the skinny by removing a few screws.

No sir, but a fine idea!


I found the photos from the thread.


Our bodies! We had a session of uni jousting once. We used pool noodles (do you have them over there?) with wooden poles through them. The end is nice and flexy. It was great fun.



Those videos and photos of the skinnies are great. How do the skinnies ‘collapse’? I’ve been trying to think of ways to make portable trials obstacles lately (apart from sandwich boards).


The ends of every section have vertical 2x4s that can be butted up to each other and screwed together.

Re: Unicyle Club Presidents, Runners, etc…

I don’t bring everything every week but here’s our list:

Hook up Uni Trailer, already has the 4x4 balance beam, several pallates, and the Stairs Of Death.

Always bring a few spare 20’s and 16’s for newcomers, tool bag, pump, whistles, club briefcase with misc. paperwork.

Usually bring juggling bag and a box of jump ropes, foam blocks, cones, etc.

At least once a month all the specialty unicycles: Giraffes, Ultimate Wheel, BC wheel, Mini-Uni, Eccentric Wheel, and Coker.

Hmm…more stuff to consider…must buy bigger garage.:slight_smile: