Unicyclists spotted in Managefusion video



Gah !

10mb download … only for a split second shot of a uni …?


this is not a 56k friendly video … be warned

kinda funny though. I think it’s cool how being run over by a unicycle is in there with being run over by cars and trampled bya marching band.

I saw a unicycle in the mountainbike show “drop in tv”.
It was right in the beginning of the program and the star of the show tried to ride a old shwinn uni. He said somthing like:
-Yeah! This is oldschool!

And a bit further into the program they ride the same teeter tooter thingy as Ben Plotkin-Swing in UNiVERsE2.


As an apology let me offer the following:

How to close a laptop with your unicycle

How to close a laptop with your unicycle #2


what to do if a laptop is in your path while riding through a parking lot

These are MUCH smaller. They’re in DivX format so if you don’t have the codec you’ll need to get it (www.divx.com).



Where did you find these videos? the guy closing the lap top look like he’s riding a kh24.

I asked the creative director of the company that produced the video for the unicycle footage that was cut. He was happy to provide it to me. I then recompressed it using DivX.

You are correct about the guy closing the laptop lid. He is riding a KH24.