Unicyclists in London on 2/3 november for a ride with a french tourist?

Hi !

I will be in London on the 2 or 3 november, maybe the 1st; and I will be very happy if I can meet some unicyclists there ! I’m open to all activities as long as its on one wheel :smile:

If someone wants to meet, I can take my 20’’; usually I prefer bigger wheels, but as its a short trip I don’t want tons of baggages.

Thank for reading, maybe see you soon !


If you do street/trial stuff with your 20", there’s always a lot of people (bmx and skaters) by the river near the National Film Theatre.
If you don’t do tricks, try and take a bigger wheel. London is a big city and my best time there was when I took the 29".

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If you’re on Facebook, try posting in here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukunicyclechat

I’ll do this, thank you :slight_smile: