Unicyclists In Korea (Suwon, or Seoul)

Hello, I just moved to Korea (Suwon) and I was wondering if there are any unicyclists on the forum in Korea. I haven’t found anyone yet…

Issue 7 of the Uni Magazine had a great article about unicycling in Korea by Stephanie Thornton, so that’s well worth getting hold of to give you an idea of the Korean unicycling scene.

It might well be worth contacting unicycle.kr (the local UDC franchise) as they can probably put you in touch with other riders.


I’m in Uijeongbu.
I haven’t been riding a lot lately, and I’m leaving next month. sorry
I can give you the e-mail for George, the unicycle.com shop owner.
I hope you know where that is in Sadang! I need to go there to get a 29" box to ship mine home. Maybe we can meet up then?
They meet every Sunday at either Yeoido park or Olympic park.
I used to go a lot, but then I started traveling on weekends. Also it’s mostly street stuff and I’m just into distance.
Sometimes they hold races.
I have a couple phone numbers. Their English is alright.
We’re pretty much on opposite ends of Line 1, but you can email me: stephthornton0@gmail.com

#= 010-2370-3812



Thanks for the info. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been really busy. Could you give the phone numbers and info you have?

email George -
his #: 011-9062-4162

Kim Kyng Soo unicycles up here in Nokcheon
his number:

This guy Jae San has awesome English skills. Not sure where he lives:

I’m leaving on Thurs…
carry the torch!!!