Unicyclists in Finland

Hello I posted in the other forrum but have had it reccomended that I post here. Sorry I don’t speak Finnish.
I am coming over to finland, I arrive on the 29th or may and am there for 3 weeks. I unicycle here in NZ and am wondering about bringing a unicycle over with me when I come. Someone asked what sort of riding do I do? I do muni and general road riding. I also do a bit of trials but I am not great at it.
I will be staying in espoo (is that the name of the place just out of Helsinki) but I am wanting to see the country and explore so anywhere easily accesible is fine.
Would any of you be interested in meeting up while I am over there?
I am keen to do some muni if that is on offer or just general riding around.
I have limited space to bring a unicycle so wanted to see if there was any riders or any use for a unicycle if I brought one over. Would probably be a 20".
Look forward to hearing from you!

I think there aren´t any riders around Helsinki, Espoo etc. atleast that I had heard of. But here in Turku we have about 7 active riders and I think it would be great fun if you could come to Turku on someday to ride with us.
Getting from Espoo/Helsinki to Turku is pretty easy by train and it takes only about 2 hours.

One option could also be that we would come to Helsinki but atleast I can make such trip since I got to work whole June. But if you come to Turku or somewhere around here I´m ready to ride :slight_smile:

If you (hopefully) decided to take a trip here in Turku, you wouldn’t need to bring any unicycle with you. Most of us have two unicycles, and some have even three. :smiley: But not knowing about the possible riders in Helsinki, I would suggest you to take one with you just in case.

I certainly hope you can come over here to ride with us! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies. I am happy to travel - I am there to see Finland and have a great time so perhaps it would be an opportunity to see some other places. Any good cheap accomodation there or anywhere to stay?
It would be good to be able to borrow a unicycle if I come and see you people, especially if some muni is available - can you do that close to you?
I shall also see how heavy a unicycle is and how much space I have to bring one over.
Will be in touch as my plans come together.
Thanks again. I really hope we can meet up!

About the cheap accomodations I don´t know too much, haven´t needed one ever, and sorry for that.

And about muniing (sounds weird :D), yes there are quite nice places to ride around here where you can get either just pedaling or by bus.

We try to find out about some cheap accomodation if someone has some extra time. It´s really busy right now when schools are going to end in few weeks and all that.

Thank you for that. When do you finish school? I will be in finland from 28th may til 16th june.
I will be able to find some cheap accomodation somewhere or maybe make it a day trip but thank you for the help. If you do know of anywhere then be in touch. Where abouts do you all mostly ride?

I think it’s going to end on 3rd June and it should be Saturday. But we have more or less holiday already before the 3rd, starting on Wednesday (exams run out then). Although I wouldn’t count on that there would be time to do much during those days. But after the 3rd, it’s holiday for the next two and a half months! :smiley:

Am I getting the question right? Nowadays I ride mostly trials, but also MUni every now and then and hopefully increasingly during the summer. We (usually) get snow in Winter, so then we’re forced to practice inside, mostly freestyle in a local circus. :frowning:

By the way, may I ask you, why are you coming to Finland in particular?
Don’t tell me you won a lottery! :slight_smile:

Ok, well keep in touch and let me know when you guys can ride.
Why am I coming to Finland? I have a very good friend of mine from Finland who was as an exchange student here in NZ at school with me a couple of years ago (I am now 19) and she has invited me over to see the country etc.
I look forward to riding with you.

Hello guys,
I am now in finland!!! I am starting to plan my adventures. When shall I come down to turku to meet and ride with you all?


I asked my friends about it and they said that June 11th (Sunday) would be perfect. Most of us are working from Monday to Friday, therefore a week-end is the only reasonable option. One of my friends has some sailing stuff on Saturday 10th and this week-end (3rd-4th) is filled with school stuff and so on.

Long story short, is the 11th ok with you? :slight_smile:

The 11th doesn’t so much suit me as I am going up to vassa with my friends dad. Sailing? That sounds fun. I also sail.
How would an evening suit you guys after work? It gets dark so late here that we could ride then could we? That way I could see turku during the day. Any ideas? I am sitting down tonight or tomorrow to see about wht I am doing so will be able to hopefully suggest some dates soon.

Would any of you be free on sunday evening or monday sometime? I am thinking of coming over on sunday afternoon as I can get a lift then and was planning on returning on a bus sometime on monday night? Any chance of some riding?

Do you mean this sunday (tomorrow) or the next?
If it´s this sunday, I think there isn´t anything special, so we would have time. Monday I get from work 4 pm so I monday evening would be ok too. But I´ll ask the others which would be better.
I just hope it stops to rain…

If you meant tomorrow, it’s good. I just checked the weather forecast for the next five days: looks more or less sunny! :slight_smile: At least no rain… I’ll be off work about 4pm on Monday, too.

Yes indeed I mean tomorrow sunday the 7th june!
I am coming over in the afternoon from helsinki and will be there about 5pm. Where should I meet you all and what time? Monday may also be an option. Any opportunities for some muni?
Just let me know where to meet you - somewhere easy to get to is prefered.
This is sounding wonderful!
Is there an easier way to contact you all or is this fine. How about a cell phone number in case we get lost or something.

Oh and by the way I have my uni with me so don’t need to borrow one

Oops I meant sunday the 4th june - got the date wrong sorry.

It’s ok! So you’re getting a lift over here? Then it would perhaps be easiest to meet up in the marketplace, or? How much does your friend, who’s as far as I understood giving you a lift, know about Turku? It’s hard to come up with a meeting place, if one doesn’t know the city… :frowning:

Anyway, my cell: +358407379271

EDIT: Yes, we could do some MUni. But let’s see that after you’ve arrived… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that
We don’t know turku but I assume that the market place is easy enough to find. Just give me the address and we shall find it. We are going to be staying at the youth hostel.
Lets say I meet you at the market square or wherever else you say at about 5.30pm. We can ride as much as you wish - I love the daylight hours here!
You will see me, I will be the girl with a unicycle.
Do know that I am not a brilliant rider, I can ride, I can jump, can jump down stairs and ride down some and am slowly getting to jumping up stairs and a few other things but nothing flash. I can ride and have a good time. You guys can teach me some new things and show me how finnish people ride!
I look forward to this greatly!
See you tomorrow evening. I will txt you if I get lost or anything.

The plaza is between Eerikinkatu, Yliopistonkatu, Kauppiaskatu and Aurakatu. And precise address (one restaurant there) is Aurakatu 12 A. Hope you can find there with this information. If you have a map it shouldn´t be any problem, after all Turku isn´t that big city.
We aren´t that special riders either so don´t worry ;). I´m just wondering whether to take my 26" muni or 20" trials, but anyway cya tomorrow.