Unicyclists in Cambridge UK

I’ve just moved up to Cambridge from London. I know there are a few riders around here, so does anyone fancy a ride or a bit of hockey? Does anyone know a good place to play hockey?

Drop me a PM me or reply here.

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I ride around Cambridge, and know one or two others who do.

By far the easiest way to find other unicyclists is to go to Cambridge Community Circus http://www.chaos.org.uk/ccc/ - there are lots of unicyclists there and different unis to try. There’s also some other circus skills. I’m planning on being there this Sunday. There’s occasionally also extra uni practice on other days.

I also do some longer touring-style rides, along with a uni-ist friend of mine, so if you fancy exploring some of the surrounding countryside you’d be welcome to join. We’ve got a longer term plan to uni offroad to Ely, if you like cross country muni.


Hi Mark,

Cheers for the reply. I won’t be around this Sunday, or next, but I’ll try and get down to the community circus the following week.

I’m going to be doing a few long rides over the next few weeks as I’m training for the Mountain Mayhem. My biggest problem is finding anything resembling a hill in Cambridge!


If you go to Newmarket, there’s a hill. It’s about 20 miles away though.

I think this is the biggest hill near Cambridge. If you rode up and down the track that goes across the top 30 times or so, you’d have a decent amount of climbing.

There’s not really any muni, not even easy cross country round there. The bridleways are mostly boring field tracks or towpaths.


Agreed there’s very little muni around here. And the council is going around improving all the footpaths, so the amount of lumpy trackways is decreasing. We found the footpath/towpath to Ely was moderately entertaining from waterbeach onwards, but it really isn’t hilly. On our highly geared road unis, the lumps in the ground and the grass sapping our speed were enough to keep us entertained, however.

I’d have named the Gog Magog hills as being a good location too, though I’ve never been there. I guess the alternative is to take a train to somewhere hilly! :-/

Might see you at the circus then - pls pm me if you’re going along, and I’ll try to come say hi.

Let me know if you want company for a distance ride and we may be able to organise an outing (or part of one, anyhow…). As long as you’re not insanely quick, I can keep the 29er going for ages, particularly on a road.

If you find anywhere else good for muni practice around here, please let me know!

Therfield Heath in Royston has some good trails. It’s not very big, but there’s enough stuff to keep a munier amused for a while. The only problem is that the trails are not bridleways, but I’ve never had any hassle riding there.

I got family in Saffron Walden and I go visiting sometimes. Love to try out uni hockey, been riding for 4 months. Not a natural but would really like to try something new. Will call when I’m down your way next if that’s ok.