Unicyclists in Amsterdam


I will propably move to Amsterdam for a month or two (mid February to mid April) and if I like new job I will stay longer.
Is there any unicycle club? any riders? I do mostly Muni, but for obvious reasons, at this time I will practice more trial and freestyle. Would love to play hokey.

Thanks for any info.

Hello Maksym,

There is no real unicycle club in the netherlands.
We are starting to practise unicycle hockey with a couple riders in Amsterdam. In fact we just had our first meeting today.
Send me a message when you are coming tot the netherlands



Thanks Sander,
I expect to arrive at March. I will confirm on arrival.

hey Im studying in Amsterdam with my 29’’
lets connect!

Harris, you got me already. For others: my fb profile - Maksym Siegienczuk

At the moment I build G29 so we can have some fun rides together. I will also bring 20"

So, I am in Amsterdam, have a free saturday evening and sunday. Let’s ride!

That incorrect. Look at the pics on the frontpage here.
And about “real”; the team is connected to the KNWU and so to the UCI, plus most likely to NOC*NSF.

I see that Dutch forum is dead too. Polish forum is not more in use.

Life brought back to forum i hope.

I have just moved here and am learning to ride my 19" muni so if anybody fancies meeting up let me know :+1:

Call 0800-UNICYCLE and let’s meetup, if not for a ride, then for a chat.

And you’re still in Dutchyland? Where abouts?


In Vietnam there is a very good and enthusiastic racing team, our country is very beautiful and friendly people. You can think of it here.