Unicyclist's Going UNDERGROUND

well guys, it seems like months since i last posted (probably because it has been) and I have alot to fill in.
The Darkside Team (only the best in Scotland) have decided to introduce an underground unicycling scene to the City of Edinburgh. We have searched long and hard for unicyclists in our area but we seem to be a dyin race in this fair city so i’m calling out for anyone interested in taking part in the underground scene. Training, private competitions and general socialising. Working in groups helps ones unicycling from the beginner to the master. I would be happy to see any replys from this,


Anyone interested, still no replys…


…why would you want to be underground in the first place? I like to share my skill with others, so they can see the wonders of one wheel and learn to unicycle as well. Not hide it from them.
And I don’t think unicycling is a ‘dying race’ as it wasn’t ever truly alive for most people (;

Oh, and one more thing… I think that ‘Bad Boy of Unicycling’ is something of an oxymoron.

MY friend and i love your movie! When ever somone asks us if we can ride our uni we respond in a Cockney accent “of course i can ride it, why would i carry it around with me if i couldnt ride it?”

Klown you rule!

Cockney??? KlownLife lives in Scotland

thank zohar I appreciate that, somewhat strange but all the same, compliment and thanks to Dave for noticing that I’m Scottish and not a cockney.
My Team mate n I have been workin on a new team video which will showcase the Darkside to the world, watch this Space