Unicyclist webspace

Do anyone know how long it takes till I can start using my webspace from
And what is the FTP-adress.

Unicyclist Website

Hello Anders…What I figured out you have to do is upload your site first and then they will approve it and then post it. I had to do that and then send them an email…

The Host or address is…Unicyclist.com (use for the FTP)
Login is…Your name…should be…(Anders)
Password is…(what you use to login with)

Upload to the Web File…if you do not it will not show up.

Your web url address should be…http://Anders.unicyclist.com

I use BulletProofFTP to upload but you can get SmartFTP for free at
SmartFTP I hope this helps… :sunglasses: Uni-On…BYE>>Keith