unicyclist spotted in irvine ca

i saw a fellow unicyclist today in Irvine. it looked like a kid. he had a helmet and a mirror and was riding what looked like a 24". I am wondering if he is on the forums.

A mirror? You mean like a small rear view type you attach to your glasses or helmet? OR was he just vain? Lol. Did you stop and talk to him? I’m guessing no.

it looked like it was attached to sunglasses or something. we were driving by in the car and we didn’t stop.

Lets get him in the club!! We will have a ride next weekend!

we do? where?

A rider who lives in Anaheim Hills told had asked about how to join your OC uni club, and said that he emailed you a couple times, wanting to join your club but hasn’t heard back from you yet. I told him that you travel from time to time but that you would eventually reply. On this forum he is crazyjoe. Maybe you could PM him.