Unicyclist on Ripley's

Right now on UPN 11, Ripley’s Believe It or Not is on and the previews at the start of the show talked about a strenuous winter trek (with bikes) that then showed a unicycle laying in the snow and had a picture of someone I am sure I have seen before.

After the segment runs, I’ll post an update with the who, what, where info.

I suspect this is a re-run, so others have probably seen this episode already.



It was a bcycle at a funny angle! The piece was about a father and son who completed the Iditasport Extreme race (seven days of riding/pushing bkes accross the frozen tundra).

I DID see Kris

On a happier note, OLN had a show on that the preview channel listed only as “outdoor” (never did see the full name of the show).
it was on at ten at night i think…

a segment was called “Outdoor life guide to extreme Biking”

all of a sudden the commentator says something about if two wheels are too much for you, you can fall just as hard on one…

cut to Mr Holm crashing on a muni then to some more incredible riding.

if anyone knows what show this was please post. the rest of the show was pretty good too, but unexpectedly seeing muni on tv is always exciting.

I was at a bar in chicago on a weekend trip and was drunkenly explaining to some random hot chicago girl that i ride trials bikes and unicycles. of course she laughed. so i got all enthusiastic and explained to her how “hardcore” it really was.

during the conversation, I hear a bunch of people goin “whoah, check it out, that’s insane” and whatnot. I look at the big screen TV and there’s Kris riding a bridge rail and doing some crazy Muni riding… (i think it was on “you gotta see this”.)

the girl says, “is that what you do?” and i tell her, “yeah, just like that”. (this may not have been a comepletely hosest statement being that the riding i do is not at all “just Like that”)

She didn’t seem too impressed but i was quite excitied.

good story, huh.

Re: I DID see Kris

given the twin intoxicants of alcohol and ‘random hot chicago girl’, i think we’ll forgive u the slight lack of accuracy

is muni a normal ‘line’ in your ‘chat up arsenal’?

just how long have u been single now?

Re: Unicyclist on Ripley’s

“SEMPER_UNI” <SEMPER_UNI.vnmft@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message

> She didn’t seem too impressed but i was quite excitied.
> good story, huh.
very good story. i had to chuckle.

bob z.

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