Unicyclist in St Augustine Florida US....

Willing to help me ride? I’ve had the uni for a year and a half and still can’t ride…anyone willing to help?

I’m pretty sure their are a few riders in Jacksonvile and their may also be a few in St Augistine.

Clearwater unicycle class


Thanks, but clearwater is kinda far for me. Anyone else?

Hi Diverbomber.
I’m still here. Tried to meet up with you long ago but you were still reserved about it. Let me know if you change your mind. We can always try to get a meetup of all the unicyclists in the area which would be helpful all the way around especially if we can make it a regular meetup.

I saw a post you put up somewhere asking if the coker rider on the boardwalk around Marineland was anyone on here. It could have been me as I ride there every now and then. Black helmet, silver coker?

Maybe. I don’t remember now. I would’ve chased you down had I not been on my way to a Dr.'s appointment. I’m up for a meetup for riders from the area. I might slow everyone down though!

Don’t worry about slowing anyone down. I swear that has got to be the least of our concerns. I’ve been riding muni with mountain bikers 'cause there is no one else. That’s how desperate the situation is. :slight_smile: And I’m not even a little good a muni. :smiley:

I’d like to get together with other unicyclists in the area for a clinic type thing to start with. Shoot, I can’t even freemount my Coker and I’ve had it for a year and a month!

That’d be pretty cool. I can’t even ride! Someone should set that up.

Yah… we should set it up. And your “I would have chased you down but…” comment reminded me of Gina. She’s someone who I met on this site who lives in Tennessee and rode with twice… once last year and then last month.
On her visit her last month she literally chased down a guy who was riding his unicycle. Thanks to her tenacity we were able to get together 3 times to ride. Once with Gina and then twice he and I got together downtown at the Landing. We had a blast! Thanks to Gina, I learned that chasing down a strange unicyclist is worth the risk of looking crazy. :smiley:

Well, let’s think of a location that would be good for unicyclists to get together. A perfect “unicycle clinic” location would have…

wide paved space
handrails or poles for people who need assisted mounts
possibilities for rides close by … safe roads…scenic? trails?
anyone up for trials? not my thing but maybe someone’s and you never know

Probably a convenient half way point say for people in Flagler, St. Aug, and Jax… wouldn’t St. Aug be the most convenient…if there were a good location?

Even if we can’t find the perfect spot, perhaps a few of us could meet to start out and keep thinking of the perfect location.

Count me in. A where/when would be helpful.

Jax is most convenient to me, but I rode St. Aug the last two Sundays and still have plenty more trail to tame.

We can get you riding in a matter of hours.

Absolutely. I love your spirit. Jax is more convenenient for me as well. But I can do St. Aug if there are more riders that way interested. Flagler is a bit far.

St. Aug is best for me as I live in Flagler…close to washington oaks, but might be able to travel to jax.

Ok… we’ve established that we are interested and that perhaps St. Augustine would be the easiest for the mostest. :slight_smile:

Once we get started we could schedule other rides in each other’s neck of the woods… the Jax Landing, Flagler Beach, Lehigh Rail in Flagler, Hanna in Jax, Graham Swamp in Flagler, the beaches wherever, Washington Oaks light muni, etc etc etc…

The immediate question is where and when should we initially meet up to help each other out with riding, mounting, etc so we can really enjoy a ride. I’ve pmed Dschmitt to recommend some places in St. Augustine. The Ampitheatre?

As far as Jacksonville goes, the only suitable place I can think of for a meetup is Friendship park or some parking lots like around the Avenues Theatre. But even that isn’t quite what I know we all would want. For learning sessions friendship park can be too busy with pedestrians and such. Although it would make a nice ride with the bridges there when we are ready.

I am open weekday evenings except Mondays. I’d prefer not to on Thursdays but can reschedule my plans if needed. Weekends Sunday anytime or Saturday evening. This is until the summer. Then I will have a lot more free time.

Any evening I can do anywhere in Jax.

For St. Aug, I’m afraid I’m weekend only for the time being.

How’s everyone’s calendar looking for this weekend?

I have saturday off.

I’m free Sun. But on Saturday I work until 3:30.

uni club

Go, Unibugg, Go…!
Looks like you finally have some interested fellow unicyclists. Let me know if you all finally get together and how it goes.
I know when I learned to ride I definitely needed handrails or someone to help me mount.
When I first could ride a little but was still shaky and could not freemount the Twin Cities Unicycle Club in Minnesota taught me a good way to ride. They would pair one better rider with one newer rider and they would ride together holding hands. In that way the newer rider can ride farther and over ground he or she could not ride alone.
I also “picked up” some unicyclists in the same way here where I live. That was a while back though. My latest conscription was David in Jax. It worked out well. Has he gone back home?


Ya know what’s funny about this picture. It looks like the mom is helping the kid to ride, but it is the other way around.

Hey Gina! Yup… maybe there is hope yet.

David did go back home but not after another awesome ride at the Landing. He rode up front on his 20" and took me all over the place… and I do mean everywhere. Over the bridges and down and up and down and up again and over the worn boardwalk and back and up and down … :smiley: Me on my tiny 24 could barely keep up with him. There will be no keeping up with him when he upgrades to a larger wheel. He’ll be back in the summer so I’m hoping to get him to join me in an off road ride. Nothing hellish, just Florida scrub with snakes and crazed armadillos! I have to do something to even out the playing field. hehe

Wish you could be here for this historic meetup that just might actually happen sometime in this century here on the first coast.


Hey… you are right… I didn’t look at it that way at first.