Unicyclist in Ireland


While I’m here in Ireland for studies, I would like to have some contacts to
irish unicycle groups. I haven’t found a group at University College Dublin, not
even a juggling group, where you also can find some unicyclist.

Does anybody know some unicycle groups in Ireland, especially in Dublin ?

Thanks in advance,


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Unicyclists in Dublin!

well it may be more than 10 years late but here it is! a unicyclist in Dublin! well actually theres quite a few people who can unicycle us but theres nothing organised in the way of a group as of yet. i wanna set up something, cus ive been unicycliong since march of 2005 and have fallen in love with it. i’m comin along alright on my own with a few friends but i figure a group with proper meetings and all that shud make everyones progression speed up.

I dont even know if this is going to be read, the original post was over 10 years ago… man i probably didnt even know what a unicycle was back then…

until something gets set up i’ll give some details. there are a few juggling clubs in various colleges and universities around Ireland. Ireland has a yahoo group called ‘emeraldcircus’. this is Ireland main juggling message board and if u have any questions about any of the circus arts (including unicycling) u can go there. so emailing there u can find details of what unicyclists are where and whatnot. the link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emeraldcircus/

anyway i’d love for a unicyclist group to start up in dublin. at the moment i’m just goin to juggling club meetings and practicing freestyle and stuff there. If theres any other avid unicyclists in Ireland/Dublin can u please contact me so we can get something goin? that’d be deadly.

Brian O’Connell

juggling clubs

oh yeah the juggling clubs in dublin… theres one in DIT(my one), UCD and Trinity, i think NCAD too and some college in dun laoighre…sry i forgot the name. there cud be more i dunno…

Please will one of you organise a unicycle hurling match! And post photos!

Try this website. Lots of info about unicycling in Dublin here:



Re: Unicyclist in Ireland

“MrBoogiejuice” wrote in message …
> Please will one of you organise a unicycle hurling match! And post
> photos!

That’d be interesting. How many unicycles do you have to drink before
you hurl though?


Hi all,

I’m new to Dublin, I have met some jugglers at the past Dublin Juggling Convenction.

I have not yet my unicycle here, but I hope I can carry it here soon (or buy a new one)

If there is some unicyclist march or so, please let me know.

is anybody out there?
some time passed, so maybe there are new uni-freaks around…
I’m here for some time, staying in Cork City, so if you live somewhere around - let know about yourself!