Unicyclist in Chapel Hill/Carrboro NC

This really belongs in the thread about why you started unicycling, but anyway… I’m posting on the off chance the person of whom I’m thinking reads this. It was at least 3+ years ago when I saw someone riding a unicycle near VisArt video in Carrboro. I talked a little bit to the guy and said after seeing him ride I wanted to get one, he said I didn’t want one like he had as it was too expensive. About a year later was when I finally got my first Uni, a 24" schwinn. I rode around Chapel Hill a little bit before I left town.

Post back if you’re the guy I’m talking about!

Hello! I’m not the guy, but I go to UNC-Chapel Hill, and have visited the LBS there getting my uni fixed up once in a while. They aren’t new to trials unis at all, they said there used to be a bunch of riders who lived around there who did trials and all that. The guy told me that they all moved away though, I think he mentioned Pittsburg maybe? Not sure. But anyways, Im in Chapel Hill during school year, so if you or anyone is ever there to visit, PM me.

Kevin McMullin

I make it down to that area when I go to Cats Craddle (venue) for shows since its about 3 hours from va tech. Maybe next time I am down there I’ll bring my uni.