Unicyclist from Dorset? I Lost your number!

Does anyone know a unicyclist that lives in Poole Dorset England? I can’t remember his name, he stoped me in the street at Poole Quey and I told him about the club I’m starting. He was very interested he said he moved here earlier in the year and couldn’t find any unicycle or juggling clubs near by and was looking foward to the club, so… he gave me his number I put it in my phone… and its gone… can’t find it.

Hes middle aged… umm… lives in somewhere in dorset I prumse Poole… and… um… hes a unicyclist.

Any know him? Or is him? Or any suggestion on recovering the number? I dont think I saved it. I have a Samsung.

new information! My friend remembered his name was Dave and that he had a FaceBook… so im going to look for him over there.

More information: He his unicycle make is Onza. No idea what type of unicycle though. Presemably trials.