Unicyclist.com promotional video idea

A little while ago someone posted an inspirational bike video on why they ride. It got me thinking, what if the members of the forum created a promotional video for unicyclist.com.

I was thinking it would be cool if each participating member sat next to their uni at their favorite spot to ride and said “I ride…” and then why they ride. Then along with that each participating member could send in a video of them doing a trick at their favorite spot. The people with the best trick or line would have their trick or line put in the video with their clip. Of course not everyone could have their line in the vid because it would make it much to long.

All of the clips being sent in would be sent into the test forum, to prevent from cluttering the video forum.

Then the really good editors out there would each have a turn to take an attempt to edit it. Then the forum members would take a vote on their favorite video. I was thinking an editing style like shown in The Triton, that someone posted a while back.

Then maybe if we do it right we can boost it to the top of youtube, so when anyone types in unicycle ours is the first one.

Feel free to comment on suggestions about the project.

Very cool idea. Also difficult to make it happen. Most laborious is the editing part…

cool idea, hard to do, sounds like fun.

I’m glad you guys like it.

I don’t thing the editing will be hard to do at all. I mean theres people on the forum all the time talking about how their going to school right now for that sort of program.

Im up for that, sounds like a great idea to me.

I’ll post a video sometime in the next couple of days as an example of what I think it should look like. And then riders interested can have a format to follow when they make their video.

I also thought it would be cool if below their clip we put their name and where their from. I think that would be cool because we have some many people in this forum that are from all over the world.