unicyclist.com free webspace

What’s up with the free webspace here on unicyclist.com??? Ever since I signed up it still says: “Use of free webspace has not been approved yet.” Will it ever be approved? Does anyone else have this problem?



:astonished: Yeah, I’ve got this problem too, ever since I’ve been with unicyclist.com, I’ve checked to see if my webspace was approved every day, but it still hasn’t been. :frowning: I’m pretty sad because I’ve finished my website and I can’t upload it.

If your webspace has not been approved Gilby probably didn’t find your reason for having it good enough or he just forgot to grant it…you could try Emailing him or contacting him somehow.

Free Unicyclist webspace

I am not a Web Designer and I have not yet tried to make use of the webspace offered to me by Unicyclist.com. From reading the terms of use and the features offered I did not see anything concerning what the subject must be. I can assume that Gilby does not want everyone uploading porn sites and stuff like that, but nowhere is it mentioned that the only suitable topic is Unicycling. This is the description of the service :

It seems to be an unwritten rule that the webspace and gallery is only to be used for Unicycling related purposes. I think it might be a good idea to add something to the description to make the rules clearer. Maybe a line including that the material needs to be mostly unicycle related, and that there is an approval process to ensure only suitable material is used. I think the selection process for free webspace is vital otherwise the Unicyclist.com name could be tainted by people abusing the free service. Thanks for all the hard work and great service Gilby!

Ehh actually when you register for the forums it asks you if you want a webspace and if you click yes you gotta fill out a little area that tells why you want the webspace and what you’re gonna do with it.

On the top of the register page it is mentioned in bold:

If you want to use the webspace and your webspace has not been approved, just send me an e-mail. I had to add the approval process because of the abuse that was occuring (mostly chinese making porn or gaming sites).


Why don’t you just make it clear that even unicyclist can only use webspace for unicycle promotion???
When I first register I thought that the only regristration criteria is being a unicyclist! I thought it is free to use the webspace for personal purpose once one is a unicyclist!(of course not for spamming)
Things are not clear enough, what if some one happens to be a unicyclist but wants to use the webspace for other purposes??
Dose it mean that he or she will never get a chance to use the webspace? :thinking: