Unicyclist are chilled out people

I ride a bicycle as my main form of exercise…I am 65 yrs old…but I have to say this…unicyclist are such chilled out people…Cyclist can tend to be snobs and it is a lot about the equipment. Unicyclist love to see and help other. We get excited about seeing other unicyclists and love to share advice and help. We are more than willing to let someone else ride our unicycle…The more dings and dents in the seat the better. Different breed of folks I guess. I have a 20 26 29 and 36 in unicycles…If you are ever in the York PA area look me up. You will recognize me as I wear a watermelon helmet…
Mike Adams


Not to mention well balanced :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we’re a self selecting group for the most part. The first step to becoming a unicyclist is being willing to try and fail. Many people I speak to say things like “I could never do that” or “if I did that I would end up in pieces”.

A little bit of a nonconformist attitude probably helps too, although surviving unicycle boot camp (as an adult anyway) will often teach you that after the fact.


It always struck me as weird that cyclists kind of ignore each other as much as possible - at least that’s how it is around here. I even get more greetings from cyclists on the unicycle than on the bicycle.

When I toured Scotland on my touring bike, it was a different story. There seems to live a different breed of cyclists in Scotland, much more like unicyclists. Whenever I took a break you could be sure that a oncoming cyclists would stop for a little chat. Once I was even offered to stay with them in Edinburgh when I got there.

The fact that there are fewer unicyclists also doesn’t explain it. Motor bikers are a counter example to this, they also greet each other way friendlier than cyclists.

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Maybe Scottish cyclists are some kind of heroes (insert cliché about rain here) and therefore acknowledge each other? Or it’s the traveller type who say hi, as those are usually friendlier than your average spandex “I paid a lot to look like a team rider” cyclist…
And agreed on motorbikes, saluting is part of riding except near big cities. Or if the rider is on a BMW and can’t salute because his wallet is too heavy. Or if the rider is on a Harley Davidson and can’t salute because of the vibrations. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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:rofl: I always wondered why Harley riders don’t salute…

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