Unicycling while playing guitar/singing

Hey peeps,

Haven’t been here on a while. In the past I’ve busked on the unicycle, playing guitar and unicycling and singing all at the same time…I’ve done this across the country and in British Columbia, but I’ve never before made a video of it good enough to put online. Now, I’m offering a video online as a reward on here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jmjmusic/new-two-disc-set-from-jonah-michea-judy There’s some new music in the video!

Anyone else play and unicycle at the same time? I’d love to see your vids!

Never made a video or got any pictures even, but one (somewhat) rainy day in high school I rode my coker around campus while playing the flute. Had to keep jumping off as soon as a teacher would step out of their room, but most ended up telling me not to stop because of them. They were enjoying it just as much as everyone else!

Cool, a unicycling flautist. Campuses are the best place to do it. I’ve done it from UNM to Boise State.

I’ve done my high school, local middle school, UCSB with Terry (awesome place to ride by the way, tons of bike paths and other fun stuff to ride on), and the next venture will be SBCC. May have to be a little more careful since I actually go to school there…

I have been on the look out for a guitar to play on the unicycle. Has to be something playable but cheap enough to not be upset over if it breaks.

Busking seems hard because you have to stay in one place. Do you idle the whole time?

you’ll probably have to give him some money to get an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit to being tempted to try playing my trumpet whilst riding a uni - though I need to find somewhere sufficiently remote to try it out (I’m not usually embarrassed about practicing in front of my house in view of all the neighbours, but it’s different in this case!)

Sorry for the delayed reply, my notifications stopped for some reason.

Yeah I’d be careful if I was at all worried that I’d drop one. I use my regular guitar with a strap and I’ve not had an accident thus far luckily. I idle sometimes, circle, back and forth, follow people who want me to, etc. It’s pretty fun :slight_smile: It’s also really exhausting, especially sining Danzig and Nirvana at 6000 feet.

That’d be cool to see. I’ve never practiced. haha…

I’m just an independent musician doing my best to do what I love, I’m really not focused on the money part so much as sharing what I do for fun. You’re near Seattle? I’ve busked on uni there, and in Bellingham. :slight_smile:

I suppose with a trumpet I should probably play Entrance of the Gladiators :wink:

I’ve played trombone and harmonica on a uni, on different occasions. I thought the hardest part was breathing at the right rate to play and exchange CO2 for O2.
That, and turning.