Unicycling to Dutch Juggling Festival

To all Unicycling Jugglers and to all Juggling Unicyclists:

In an earlier posting I told you we were trying to organise a two days
unicycling trip for this years Dutch Juggling Festival. Unfortunately we were
unable to organise accommodation for the night and we did not have enough
reactions to make it worthwhile.

We will now go for a one day trip! We will leave from Boxtel by car at 10:00H
(10 AM). You can also meet us in Veldhoven at the place where last years
festival was held (if you where there). We will mount our wheels and leave from
Veldhoven at
11:00H (11AM). The trip will be about 30 kilometers long with regular breaks
(every hour). Some people have asked us if it is possible to
accompany the group on a bycicle (parents of unicycling children for
example). This is possible, but we will also have a car close by to
pick up any drop outs and to supply the group with food and drinks.

We will arrive in Boxtel somewhere between 17:00H and 18:00H (5 PM and 6PM).

If you also want to join the festival there are no extra costs for this trip. If
you only want to join us for this trip we will ask you the fee for a one day
entrance which is Fl.35,= (35 Guilders), which then also includes diner and all
evening activities.

Hope to see you there!!!


  • 13-16 may 1999: 9th Dutch Juggling Festival *
  • Stichting het Nederlands Jongleerfestival
  • (Dutch Juggling Festival Association)
  • Galateastraat 77
  • 5631 EC Eindhoven URL: http://www.dse.nl/jugglefest
  • ++(0)40-2963838 E-mail: jugfest@dse.nl

PS.Please tell your friends who do not have internet access about this trip.