Unicycling through different cities


I’m new to this forum but just wanted to share a project I’m working on:

It’s a video project where I unicycle through a city while showing off some of the sights. Not much talking, mostly just ambient sounds and light music.

In the first video I’m exploring Gothenburg. The next one will be Stockholm, then perhaps Copenhagen or something :grinning:


Welcome to unicyclist.com!

That is an interesting project. Thanks for the video, I liked it and found it interesting and quite relaxing. I’ve subscribed to your channel and I’m looking forward to your Stockholm one!


That was great. Nice to see a new style and it was transfixing to await how and of the text would be removed or appear.

I’m presuming there was a drone involved somewhere. But would love to know how you handled the text effect stuff.

Keep up the project work like this :raised_hands:

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Thank you!

I’m hoping I can get the unicycle inside the subway to get around easier once in Stockholm, will have to cover very much distance otherwise :sweat_smile:


Yes drone indeed used (DJI Mini 2).
For the text I was just masking objects in Final Cut Pro, quite tedious but looks cool.

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Great video! Loved the music and text effects. Masking definitely takes time, but looks great! You seemed very comfortable on your wheel. I’m impressed with the way you handled going down stairs, almost coming to a stop and then changing directions, and riding backwards! None of which I can do…yet :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea behind it and how you realized it. Very unexcited in a positive way. This could also run in a hotel lobby or a travel agency while still showing unicycle skill way above mine.

Did you use a drone or a camery guy or how have you made the shots in the city from far above?

The video tells me, that next time I’m in Gothenburg I should definitely take a day or more to explore it. Until now, o experienced Gothenburg to be kind of frantic, confusing and exhausting. But that was when coming back from a two week journey throug much calmer areas of Sweden and only having two to three hours time until entering the ferry back to Germany.

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I’ve been unicycling for over 12 years or something, so I should be comfortable on the wheel :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

No camera guy, it’s only me. For the drone shot when I unicycled through the frame I just left the drone controller on the ground → rushed to location → unicycled calmly through the frame → rushed back to the controller to land the drone.

Definitely, It’s not a huge city but there are many interesting locations. I really like Slottsskogen for example.

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Riding through different cities is fun exploring I see you are doing your thing in Sweden cool video and drone footage keep riding on :+1: