Unicycling this weekend in Western NC

I just want to post the link for this festival coming up, because we’re getting into the strong tens, and this is going to be fun.

We just tested the trials obstacles that Adam and Jeff built for this weekend, and they’re quite the stuff. I believe we’re doing a trials demo on Saturday before the downhill race. We all rode Spencer’s branch the other day, and my legs are still full of acid. That’s the toughest trail I’ve evern been on. Luckily we got some footage of some of the crazy things I did, so I won’t only have the stories. I hope to meet other riders!


ahhh! why could’t this be a different weekend than musicale?

I’ll be there friday by 2pm, with trials obstacles.

I think this is the third thread solely about this event, should be a good turnout. A little more info on who’s going is here.