Unicycling T-shirt: E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum

By popular demand, I got some more “E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum” T-shirts printed.
This T-shirt is a parody of the movie E.T. - the Extra-Terrestrial. So what does
the name mean? “Ein Einrad-Traum” is German for “a unicycle dream” and of course
the design on the shirt is just like that of the movie, but with Elliot riding
in the sky on a unicycle instead of one of those two wheeled things. Check out
my website at <http://www.gilby.com/t-shirts/et.html> to get more information
about this shirt and to see what it looks like.


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ET was my favorite movie when I was a kid. I want this tee shirt.

These T-shirts were still being sold at NAUCC in Minnesota in July this year. I imagine Gilby would love to dust off the boxes and sell some more.

the selling link in the page do not work.
how much does it cost?
with interantional shipment to italy :slight_smile:

Gilby is the local webmaster, so if you just call his name loud enough, he’ll hear you. Good luck with shipping.

Yeah, I still have some of these. I’ll need to take an inventory of what sizes I have available and make them available in the trading post. I have regular T-shirts in navy and black, ladies Ts in navy, and sweatshirts in both regular and ladies.

Count me in for one !

me too

If you have a small or XS I’m interested!