Unicycling Skyecast


Anyone that has a mic download Skype from Skype.com And install it. Its a free microphone chat program, really easy to use, You can have convos with up to 5 people. They also have a thing called a skypecast, Pretty much a public chat room, you can have as many people as you want in it. I was thinking if enough people got skype i could put up a skypecast, post the time it will be open and yall can chat it up. I know some people already have it on here, those that do, post your screen name.

yahoo instant message is better…you can use the mics and they have tons of awesome smileys, and tons of features including games

no, skype is amazing, the call quality is as good as my land line and equal or better than my cell

skype rules i use it and its also good for phone calls

Post your screen names.

mine is thatbcguy


i think mine is justinlikesuni


Add me if you guys wish.


I just downloaded it… im zaw_92

Isn’t this JC?

Publishing skype usernames? Why not update your profile? Have a look below my avatar…!

That’s my skype name.

My username is UniTrials…

I can’t find my mic right now, but I could still do normal chat… skypecast sounds cool!