Unicycling Record Book

Hello, Ive been wondering recently if there was any compiled list of any unicycling records. All i know of is sidehop record. Im sure there are many other, i guess. “Unofficial” records. I was wondering a few such as, “Biggest drop”, and “sidehop”, not as in height, but distance.
If anyone knows of any records, or records that you think we should make, i think it would be cool to compile a big list of these records, and many more ideas for records that im sure you people have.
Think about it


I looked through some guinness record books, and here’s what i found:
-Peter Rosendhal, who lives in Germany did 169 skips in 1 minute on a unicycle(Most skips on a unicycle).

-Hanspeter Beck (Austrailla) rode 3,876 miles (6,237.96 km) in 51
days, 23 hours and 25 minutes(Longest ride).

-Steve McPeak rode a 101 foot, 9 inch unicycle 376 feet in Las Vegas (Tallest unicycle)

-Peter Rosendhal also owns and rides the worlds smallest unicycle, made by Signar Berglund. It’s 8 inches high, has a wheel dimanter of 7/10 of an inch, and was ridden for 24 feet, 10 inches.

These are from the books, here’s the website matches

-Peter Rosendahl also set a unicycle sprint record for 100 m from a standing start of 12.11 sec (29.72 km/h, or 18.47 mph) at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on March 25, 1994

-The most aluminum bowls stacked while on a unicycle measuring 2.28 m. (7.5 ft.) tall is 31, by Nancy Huey, of San Francisco, California, USA. She set the record on August 13, 1999.

Peter does a lot dosn’t he?

This one was broken this last February and is held by Amy Shields with 209 skips. (I held it for about 5 minutes, with 175 skips:)).

More records can be found at:

Though that list is a bit outdated being 3 years old. I’ll have to pull a few legs and get thae details to update that.

The jump rope record has been broken. See

Here is a quote from that thread:

The current world record for this event is:
Ryan Woessner - 206
Brady Witbeck - 206
Amy Shields - 209

I am pretty sure this record has been broken , because what got me into unicycling, and the only time ive ever seen a unicycle on TV, was on the Guiness show, and there was this Chinese chick balancing all these bowls on her head. Im pretty sure she broke the record.
The highest drop i can find is 15 feet by Kris Holm in Squamish


if the bowls on the head record has been broken then guniess has to update there website

There is a difference between having a world record and a guiness world record. You need to basically sign all rights of any documentation of the events and the world record title to guinness.