Unicycling Races -An Olympic Sport?-

Is it possible that Uni racing will someday be an olympic sport?
Explain what you think about this idea and why?

We had this discussion a week or two ago.

There are some moves to try to get it as a demonstration sport.

The sport is not really well established enough worldwide as a competitive sport for it to be adopted as an Olympic sport any time soon. Even BMX is new to the Olympics.

Personally, I think unicycle flat racing over track distances would fit the Olympic spirit pretty well, but it isn’t going to happen. If it did, I suspect that there would have to be some crossover of athletes from bicycling.

Olympic athletes practise and train for hours a day. Our local heroine, Rebecca Addlington, swims 80 km a week every week and has done so for years. Very few of us in this forum would ride unicycles at an equivalent level of intensity day in day out for four or eight years.

Personally, I think MUni, trials and freestyle are even less likely than track racing to be adopted by the Olympics any time soon.

For that we would first have to introduce broadband doping into the sport. You can’t be an Olympic discipline without at least the medal winning athletes being medically “enhanced”. Or do you see a single winner who is probably clean?

Na, we are not a serious sport yet. Good thing is, with only half the drugs that a Bolt or Phelps is taking the 100 m distance in 5 seconds should be quite doable on a 24". :slight_smile:

Whoah, steady! This is a public forum, and you or the owners of the forum could conceivably be liable for libel.

I am aware of no evidence or reason to suspect that the athletes whom you named have taken performance enhancing drugs.

On the wider issue, it is clearly true that in some sports, drug use is widespread. Endurance bicycling (Tour de France) being a famous example.

But for what it’s worth, yes I do believe that most Olympians are clean.