Unicycling on TV

Has anyone ever heard of Unicycling on ESPN or some other channel? I think it would be really cool to watch.

em ? am I the only that watched the show master of champions ? also kh was on ripleys once

there was a thread about dan and zack at the master of champions… and kh on ripley is somewhere in a gallery

yeha that kid cant read… and sry if ur not a kid

well a few days ago i saw a commercial, there was a 5’uni in it… its the commercial where they are balancing tings on top of each other… Any one else seen it??? i also saw some unicycling on the news b4, and i was watching a extreme bmx thing and there was a clip of unicycling… i see unicycles on TV occasionally…

i think they had kh on maximum exposure(sorry for the misspelling) on spike tv last week

Today my sister was watching George Shrinks (TV show, cartoon) and he was cutting a pan cake on a unicycle…

it was on master of champion and ripley’s. I also seen it on a cartoon this morning(it was a monkey riding one). also I have seen it in some of the music videos I watch

any one watch Americas got talent?? well i saw some unicyclers in the commereial… i think there was uni basket ball… and someone else… This makes it seem like i watch a lot of tv… i bearly ever watch tv tho… lol

yo Master of Champions was so GAY!!!