Unicycling on TV One news!

I was interviewed and filmed doing some trials riding in Aotea Square, downtown Auckland last night. The TV journalist, Paul Moor, seemed genuinely interested in unicycling and impressed me with his background knowledge - he’d done his homework!

We spent about 45min filming me doing various trials lines around Aotea - I had to ride each obstacle at least 3 times and sometimes 5 or 6 times! Angles, angles… I rode up and down steps, along planters, pulled out the ole footplant and threw in a wall ride for good measure. The only time I fell off was riding backwards on a planter, but they weren’t actually filming at that point. :wink: The camera man was pretty cool and it turned out he’s a friend of fellow Ak unicyclist Peter Bier - small world!

As for when its going to be shown on TV1 News I can’t tell you yet. The story was done as a ‘human interest’/stuff for the summer break- type story. So it’ll probably be on sometime between Xmas and the first week of Jan. Paul is going to call me before its on to let me know. I’m going to Oz on the 26th and may well be out of internet contact, but will try to post here if/when I find out. So I guess you Kiwis will just have to watch the sports section of the news every day, if you want to see it!

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Cool! :sunglasses:

Will someone be able to record it up stick in a gallery, so we can watch it?



Hey Tony,

Sounds great! We have been getting some pretty cool media publicity recently. Hopefully that’ll get more people into unicycling in NZ.

Just to let all the NZ’ers know also- we were apparently on Sky TV last week- they covered the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. Apparently someone fell off his unicycle (not me) and there is footage of me taken from the motorcycle cameraman. I missed it but one of my work colleagues is going to bring in the video. It might be repeated later though- a lot of the Sky Sport stuff are.


and are we likely to get the video uploaded?

I’ll try but my skills are pretty limited. How do I upload from a video recorder? Maybe I could video my television with my digital camera.

I think that was Peter!

I’ll try & get a digital version of the news article for posting here.


Cool! Sounds like fun. On thursday we were filmed for a show called ‘Totally Wild’ which was good fun although I ended up doing a little interview which I wasn’t too keen on. I did do a nice smooth glide and some fun trials things though.

While all you NZ people are here…
When is the Karapoti Classic? I was told that Virgin airlines were going to do a deal and offer return flights to and from NZ for about $100. If so, I might be able to join you all in the Classic (assuming I’m welcome).


That sounds like a sweet deal if you can get it :slight_smile:

And you’re more than welcome to stay at my place- I’d love to show you some of the trails we have here. The Karapoti is on Sunday March 7th 2004. If you are able to make it let me know and I’ll see if I can get the Friday off work to show you around.

The Karapoti Classic website has all the info you need. There were quite a few Aussie riders this year including Rob Eva- Aussie MTB legend :sunglasses: .


You use a video capture card like a WinTV card. Some video cards also include video capture features if you have a “deluxe” model card. You plug the VCR into the video capture card, play the video and use software to capture the video to an AVI or MPEG file.

VirtualDub will handle most of the software side of the capture process.