Unicycling on the Internet - Updated!

The Unicycling on the Internet page on Unicycling.org has been extensively
updated! Check it out at: http://www.unicycling.org/links/

I’ve merged the database of the links that used to be there with the links
database that’s used at both gilby.com and unicyclist.com, so now it’s
easy to add new links and validate the ones that are in the database (no
404s!). I also scanned the internet for all the unicycle sites I could
find and added them to the database. The result is that there are now
about 300 links in the database (up from 84 links previously on
Unicycling.org, and up from 126 previously on Unicyclist.com).

While there are a lot of fresh links there now, I probably didn’t find
every one, so if you know of any links that do not appear on there yet,
then please add it to the database at
http://www.unicycling.org/links/add.php I would appreciate any help in
keeping it up to date, so in the future if you know of new sites, then
please add them to the database.

(Final note: if you have a website that has a link to the old Miyata USA
website, you’ll want to remove it as it now points to a porn site.)