Unicycling on the Game Show Network?

The host (and film crew) of the GSN show “Games Across America” were at NAUCC. I believe that they got a lot of really great footage at the various events.

When I asked them when it would air they said to check the gsn.com website. I’ve been unable to determine when the show will be on.

Does anyone else know?


They told me it would take about 4 weeks for them to edit the footage. That would make the airdate Saturday, August 14th, but obviously it could also be a week or so before or after that date. The show airs Saturday nights. The show consists of 10 3-minute segments aired during commercial breaks over a 3 hour period.

The Game Show Network’s webpage is http://www.gsn.com. I could not find any schedule info about “Games Across America”.

It will air Saturday 8/7!

I just found this listing on the Game Show Network website:

Games Across America (American Unicycling Championships – Salt Lake, UT) is on Saturday, 8/7/2004 at 9:00pm et. A grand tour of the mystifying and competitive world of unicycling, featuring hockey, basketball and track & field events all performed one wheel at a time.

Remember that Games Across America consists of 10 3-minute segments aired during commercial breaks over a 3 hour period, apparently starting at 9:00pm (eastern US time zone).

Thanks Reid!

How the heck did you find that? All I can find is what appears to be a reference to this weeks episode

I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy about the fact that the Unicycling nationals and the “Redneck Games” are considered the same type of entertainment by GSN.


Reminder - NAUCC coverage to air this Saturday night

Remember to watch/videotape/Tivo the Game Show Network this Saturday night 9pm-midnight (US eastern standard time) to see their coverage of NAUCC 2004 in Salt Lake City. It looks like they will re-air the 3-hour block of programming from midnight-3am, but I can’t guarantee that

Maybe some industrious person out there can digitize the 10 3-minute segments and make them available to us over the web. If you do, please don’t make the files too large.

I tried to record it, and I checked their site… but it was wrong and had the Redneck games on as erlier mentiond by Grant. It says Unicycle but I am watching something totally different.

Re: Unicycling on the Game Show Network?

Glad to find out we weren’t the only ones with the redneck games on. Hopefully
someone will figure it out.

Barb K.

I believe Bugman wrote the Game Show Network an email asking when the NAUCC coverage would air.

I imagine it will air next week. Maybe they didn’t get the NAUCC segments edited in time.

Games Across America

Has anyone found out the new date for Games Across America?

I emailed them, but they never replied. I will plan on recording on Saturday hoping that is the right day. It only airs on Saturday nights from 9pm to 12pm during the commercial breaks. So in order to get the whole show you need to record the 3 hour block.

Reid check your PM’s