Unicycling on GSN around now

i was watching the game show network and on some thing inbetween shows it was stuff about unicycling. I started watching it at about 9:00pm eastern time saturday

Finally. I am recording it, so I will go check and see whats up. I am glad it finally made it on. Thanks for the heads up.:smiley:

Nice MiKe. Butt Butter.:smiley: It was a pretty good show, with some funny things said. I think unicycling was protrayed fairly well.

Anyone got a capture of it to post?

If it’s too large I can stream it, just mail me.

I’m working on it as I type. The recompression will take a couple more hours and then the uploads will take at least that. There are 10 segments. The first two are done recompressing and are almost 30Mb a piece. Before you complain about the size please consider that the MPEG1 that I captured was about 100Mb/clip.

When I’m all done they’ll be at http://gallery.unicyclist.com/gsn



unfortunately, those dont work for me, and i only caught that last two things cuz i was at the exorcist, but i did get them on my camcroder, so they will be in my gallery when its done if anyone wants to see 1500m race and olympic plee. He called us Freaks :angry: