Unicycling On Front Page Of Youtube




That was great, makes me want to go for a ride!

wow i want a coker now…

That was awesome! They were flying past the traffic! That was great!

It’s funny because people don’t seem to notice it. But it definitely rocked. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tight turns he does look so smooth, he make it look so easy.

Very impressive.


Weaving through the traffic like that reminds me of watching Ghost Rider videos, cept a little slower, but just as exciting. :slight_smile: (not the movie Ghost Rider, the crazy super bike rider who films himself doing time runs through heavy traffic…)

Very smooth on the turns, can’t wait till I get my coker, but that will wait till after the KH24… I have to plant seeds with my wife till she thinks it’s her idea for me to get the new unis.