Unicycling on Digg.com

I just had an idea to create an innituative to get a unicycling video/page on digg.com. If you don’t know what digg is I recomend visiting it.

Its much like slashdot, exept users vote on the content, and thats what decides if it makes it to the front page or not. Getting on Digg isn’t that easy, what we’ll need?

A catchy title,

A good Video, (i’m thinking defect Trailer)

And a server that can take the load of Digg (I know its a long shot, but do you think you can do this Gilby?)


I could probably handle it. What kind of traffic does digg bring? Such as total number of requests and the rate of visits.

However, I don’t see how a unicycling video would fit on a “technology news” site.