Unicycling On BBC South Today (UK)

Hey all UK peeps, late notice but as part of a ‘What’s On At The Weekend’ segment of BBC South Today (regional news), the Circus Society of the University of Southampton did some basic skills to publicise a teaching and performing gig we’ve got this weekend at Southampton Library, and me and Anna did a small amount of unicycling. The segment will be pretty short but it was amusing to do.

Scheduled to go out at 6:30pm tonight in the South on BB1, and it’ll be right at the end of the half hour show so it’ll probably appear at about 6:55. The BBC stream the show on thier website after broadcasting, I’ll post a link if our bit goes online.


Well, gratz! That’s 16 seconds longer than I have been on TV riding a uni…


Bad luck loose, anna got more airtime than you did!

How come you were on someone else’s uni in the second shot? was that anna’s freestyle?

double post

hey nice one! i’ll look out for it