unicycling newb-In need of advice

hey, I am a long time mountain biker and picked up this unicyling thing a few months ago. My unicycle is a P.O.S. so I just need some advice on any good unicyles out there that arnt too expensive. Im going to be doing mainly street riding and some Muni riding. thx:)

for a good inexpensive uni good for what you want there are the torker dx 06, and the the qu-ax trials both aviable from udc (unicycle.com) and i think neither of them go for above 300, or there are the onza, koxx, and kris holm unis but they more expensive

Hey now, being a uninewb is MY thing

dont worry monkey…your our favourite uninewb!

Well, most street riders ride 20" cycles, and most MUni riders ride 24 or 26 inch cycles. The reason this is the case is that MUni requires a heavy-duty cycle that can take drops and roll over obstacles, whereas street riding requires a light unicycle for more maneuverability; easier, higher jumping heights; and a smaller profile tire for spin tricks. However, with unicycling, very little is absolute and, with skill and practice, you can ride either way on either cycle. Ask tomsey (it is tomsey, right?) about street riding on a big wheel.

Whatever your wheelsize choice, you need a splined hub. I think the Torker DX is the cheapest splined hub cycle. KH unicycles are the standard answer “best” unicycles you can buy, if you don’t want to get into debates about profile hubs and custom upgrades. The DX would be a good call, however, if you get serious about riding, you almost definitely will upgrade to a high-end cycle, so keep that in mind before you drop the cash for a DX that you might consider to be a cheapo in a few months.

ooh, schweet

go for a 24 if you’re going to do any muni at all. it’s a lot less fun to ride trails on a 20", and you can ride street just fine on a 24". (check the kohse/groves video a ways down the page)