Unicycling in Western Pennsylvania and/or Maine?

Good evening, One-wheeled Wonders!!
I am a college student in Western PA. I’m from Maine. I just want to know if there is any organized groups unicycling in Western/Northwestern PA or any groups in Maine? Any groups of any discipline would be great to hear about. I unicycle largely alone, and I’d love to get plugged into the greater unicycling community in either area. Thank you!

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Hi, JH33! I live in Rhode Island and travel to Maine now and then. Unfortunately I have not had much success finding folks to ride with in New England. There is a Boston Muni Facebook group but I think it is pretty much defunct at this point. Anyway, if you’re going to be in NE lmk and maybe we can meet up. I mostly ride muni, but would enjoy any kind of one-wheeling. Cheers! -David

Hi Good afternoon
I am a employee and i want to know whether if there is any other groups for unicycling in Maine as I am very interested in unicycling

Hello, I recently moved to Medford just outside of Boston, and I’d like to find more unicyclists to ride with!