Unicycling in Wash DC?

Hi all,
Has anyone used their unicycle while sightseeing in Washington,
D.C.? Scott’s got a conference for work and the hotel is close to
the White House. (We’ll be at the JW Marriott and then the Hotel
Washington.) I’m wondering how practical it would be to unicycle (on my
20" or 24") down to the Capitol (1-2 miles away) and the Smithsonian
museums and memorials?
I’m not a super rider, but unicycling is easier than walking. I can’t
idle but I can ride pretty slowly. I would choose a sidewalk over a bike
lane if there’s a lot of traffic, but if the sidewalk was solid people then
it would be hopeless.
Are there bike racks in the tourist areas? Are cyclists permitted on the


Jody in Oregon

I don’t know about bike racks or bicycles on the mall but it seems to me it would be easier (maybe not as much fun) to take the Metro.

Take your unicycles and ride around the hotel neighborhood but take the Metro and walk to the tourist destinations. You can get close to just about anywhere by Metro. The trains and stations are clean. I am not much of a traveler but even I can get around Washington, DC very easily by Metro.

Just my opinion…

Although this is not near the mall, it’s fairly close by: there’s a cool bike path that goes from old town alexandria to Mt Vernon along the Potomac river. Mt Vernon is George Washington’s home.

Have fun! I used to live near DC. I would love to uni around there now.


i am in DC right now… and i was riding around yeasterday. I even jumped up some of the steps at the capital until some guy with a big gun told me to stop. There is no problem riding on the sidewalks

Anyone in the DC area up for a ride tomorrow night or sometime over the weekend?

I leave the country on monday for a few months and it would be nice to meet up with the richmond crew if you guys are up for it.