Unicycling In Toronto

Hey i began unicycling 2 weeks ago and i was wondering if anyone here is from Toronto, or knows of any unicycling related things hapening here in the future.
And if you ARE from Toronto or have been here, do you know of any good spots i should check out?

Must be some people, since Bedford Unicycles is based there :wink: I know there’s a guy named Stuart who’s from the area, I don’t remember if he’s on the forums or not (Goes to my university in Quebec…)

You should contact Darren at Bedford Unicycles. He is one of the founding members to the Toronto Unicyclists, home of the flaming hockey puck. Anywho, the club has been going since 1988. They play unicycle hockey, basketball and they have some organized rides of both urban rides and MUni (mountain unicycling) rides. Darren also sells all types and sizes of unicycles in case you want a new and different unicycle at some point or just to see what else is out there. Give him a call at 416-767-4742. I think they meet on Thursday evenings. Also check them out at: www.torontounicyclists.ca
I don’t know how up to date the site is however.
Cheers, Mike


I’m a part of the Toronto Unicyclists Club.

The site unfortunately is not up to date.

But we do meet every Thursday, either at a school yard in Cordella to hang out and ride on their playground, or at the Don Valley Brickworks where most of us go on a 6km (I think, I’ve never finished it) muni ride followed by more hanging out.

If you want to e-mail me at angelapoon@gmail.com I can get your e-mail address put onto our unoffical mailing list so you’ll know where we’re meeting this week.