Unicycling in the rain..

Isn’t it annoying when I the clock turns “unicycling time!” and its raining or wet outside! Especialy when its wet for severel days and you were half way through perfecting a new trick and by the time its dry again your out of practise and rubbish!
Well my unicycles have been dieing to be ridden but its raining and/or wet! So I can’t practise my backwards wheel walking, or do some fun gliding, distance in the rain just isn’t as fun, and muni is slippey and dangerous.

What can we do in the rain? Are there any trials/ street/ freestyle tricks that are just as easily do-able in the rain? What do you do when it rains!

-also I’ve seen videos of lots of freestyle riders using empty halls, where can I get one of those??? Any ideas for places they’d let us unicyclists in when ever we wanted,or on a regular bases. And could we give them a reason to let us, e.g. err "When i’m riding my… crazy “giraffe unicycle” every ones looking at me - wouldn’t it be good to advertise your product / club on my shirt in exchange for using your hall :smiley:

ramble, input! :smiley:

I just stay in my garage and practice idling and stillstands.

The rain forces me to practice things I should have learned a long time ago.

Go to your local indoor parking area and go to a remote area.
I have several like this near me, Target, Kohls, Malls.
Unless you damage something or have been asked not to come there before the most they can do is ask you to leave.
Unicycling seems to have a less rebellious rep than skateboarding, BMX and of course motorcycle stunting.
I would love for a cop to come and tell me to leave on my Uni, I was used to being kicked out of everywhere for wheeling a motorcycle (which is actually illegal)

MUni in the rain is slippery, but it’s not dangerous, unless you’re talking about the danger of coming home wet and muddy, with a big smile on your face.

I don’t know about on uni, but mud-romping on my mountain bike is some of the most fun you’ll ever have. Just wear stuff that you don’t care about getting wet and muddy. So I presume it would be just as much fun.

Whenever I go back east to visit relatives (pennyslvania) we go mountain biking, and almost every year we get a awesome mud day. There’s nothing better than sloshin through bogs all day and then riding your bike down a big hill into the lake.

It was raining today. It didn’t stop me jumping on my 36er and rolling out a good few miles.

An covered carpark is ideal for practising on a 20.

Mostly for freestyle? And playing with curbs and stuff?

It depends on the car park I guess. I’ve seen a few that have great trials lines (or would do, if I was any good at trials or street) made from ramps, walls, and street furniture. The ramps could also be used for some pretty fast gliding.

If you ride Muni on trails through woods / forest, you don’t even get that wet when it rains. The tree canopy covers you.

Riding in the rain is sissy stuff anyway. Yesterday, we got a foot of snow and any real men would have gone out to ride in that. (I, However, stayed inside :p)

I just rode my KH24 about 22 miles last weekend on mostly wet surfaces from single-track trail, rough dirt/gravel roads to pavement; all pretty saturated after nearly 24 hours of heavy rain! I had a blast! I was hoping to ride through the rain, to gleen some experience but it stopped right before I started so it was just very humid! Overall was a lot of fun, but I did clean off the frame and removed all the crud from around the bearings/bearing housings when I was done.

i need help!

when it rains, my feet start to slip off the pedals.
it makes me so ANGRY!!

i wear new balance running shoes

what should i do!!

Metal pinned pedals.

Get the gnarly teethed pedals

The longest coast i’ve ever gotten (35ish ft.) was in pouring rain around june.


wear skate shoes with a grippy rubber sole, they have a much more even grip on the pedals. i ride oddessey twisted pc’s in the rain alot, and most of my skate shoes work pretty well in those conditions. i rarely use metal-pinned pedals, however i used them for a snow ride the other day. my hiking boots were less than ideal for grip in the wet, icy conditions and with the ice building up on my pedals i slipped a few times. i assumed that the hiking boots would be more grippy in that mess, but if i had just worn a pair of skate shoes my feet would have remained glued to the pedals.

+1 for shoes/boots with sticky rubber sole with minimal deep tread. I used to really like the SixSixOne line but once I really started riding Muni I wanted a shoe that would be better to hike with. The SixSixOne and other skate shoes are great with metal pinned pedals but are horrible, IMO, to hike around with. So I’ve gone with using “approach” shoes. An approach shoe is used by mountaineering and other climbing folk as the shoe to wear when hiking to where they want to go climbing; this often involves climbing up and over boulders, across scree fields etc… requiring a sticky rubber soled shoe (believe me I know). An example of this type of shoe, that I’m currently using, is the Montrail CTC (NFI) but there are many others: just Google “Approach shoes” to see… Anyhow this type of shoe is good because it has minimal deep tread so it is flat enough and sticky enough for muni yet the shoe does have a tread so you can hike with it. To be honest I got tired of sliding around in the mud when hiking in my SixSixOne’s so I just raided my closet and found the Montrail CTC’s and gave them a shot; I really like them. I know others on this forum like the Five-Ten line which I haven’t tried… maybe when I wear out the two pair of CTC’s I have. Just my $.02 opinion.