Unicycling in the Dutch Mountains-Wim Versleegers

Hi everyone

I shotted some trial and a bit street at the unicyle festival UITDM.
here are the links:

http://e-juggling.be/media.php?film=22 (youtube)
http://e-juggling.be/vimeo1.php (vimeo)

Hope you guys enjoy, and reactions are welcome :wink:

Nice vid man! I really enjoyed watching :sunglasses: , and that cameraman is really good :astonished: (A)

I don’t know, the shots of the trial line in the beginning made everything look really awkward and small, but the second half of the trials line from a low perspective was really well done it reminded me of Tom Pec’s Spirit vid. Overall well done vid.

He was talking about himself… :roll_eyes:
but tnx anyway:)


Especially that long section shot from above.

+1… I think the best camera angles are the very boring shots where everything is in the picture, shows off more of the skill. Like stuff you see from those Uni Conventions.