Unicycling in Hawaii

I was packing my bag for Spring Break in Hawaii with my family when I realized that I had room for my unicycle in my bag. I completely disassembled my Qu-Ax and somehow managed to fit it into my bag, with all of my clothing. I know I can find some street riding to do in the Waikiki area, but does anyone know of anywhere else for me to ride? Or a specific place that is good for intermediate street riding?

daino### on these forums live in Hawaii. I don’t remember the three numbers at the end of his username, but there are three numbers there. one time Kris Holm made a short unicycle movie called Hawaii 5-0, in which he MUnis in Hawaii, but it was just for some short film festival, so he didn’t release it. Somewhere on the forums I bet you can find the trailer for it though, its really cool.

I’m really interested in this thread because I’m planning on moving to Oahu in September.

I’m trying to think about my last visit last June and can’t think of any “great” freestyle areas. There’s a ton of pavement in Waikiki but there’s A LOT of people and tons of traffic almost always. The sidewalks are almost always packed, especially downtown near all the hotels.

Granted half of my trip was trying to find apartments for my friends, so I wasn’t really looking out for great places to ride.

yeah, last time i was there i did’t find anything that stuck out at me, but like you, i wasnt looking for a spot to ride or things to jump off of… im sure i can find some steps and ledges around somewhere, but im worried about all of the people, ive never ridden in front of tons of people before… i think most if my riding will be at night though.

You’ll probably want to head down Kalakaua Ave to the South East away from the larger resorts as that’ll be a bit less populated. The problem with Waikiki at night is all the drunk idiots… as is the case with any vacation destination, really.

Back up to the North West you get close to Ala Moana Blvd, which can be really busy for traffic - but I seem to recall some parks near the Kalakaua / Ala Moana intersection, so that may be some place to at least get off the streets and find some stuff to bounce around on.

There’s also a boat yard a bit further down Ala Moana now that I think about it. You may be able to find some good curbs and other obsticles to have some fun on. That’ll be plenty quiet in the evening.

Edit: it’s just to the north west of the Kahanamoku Lagoon. Use maps.google.com if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. Using the hybrid mode is great to spec some stuff out!

THANKS! Thats awesome advice!

Im leaving to get on my plane… so this thread can be TERMINATED

Unicycle Hawaii

:astonished: LOOK ME UP! I’m always looking for guest riders. We got great trails.
Urban rides a sweet also.

So why is it that everyone is coming to Hawaii after I move away? Anyway, there are several places for some nice riding. I wouldn’t consider Waikiki one of them. It’s one of the many places I have been asked not to ride. If you are into MUni, look at some MTB sites to find trails. I have ridden a few but not many. Kaena Point and St. Louis Heights are a couple of my favs. One thing to keep in mind is that it has been raining a lot in the islands, so most of the trails will be mud pits. I was on Oahu last week for a Ulit Frisbee Tourney and we got rained out.

Have Fun

sorry man… i was on my plane when you made that comment. it rode mostly urban and didnt find much besides a bunch of short little walls, a bunch of them were made of lava rocks. They were fun to ride on, but my hopping height is limited so I could not get onto all of them with out mounting on them. I was limited in my choices becuase I was in downtown waikiki and the cops on bikes were EVERYWHERE. Where do you muni on Oahu?