Unicycling in dream

I got my new muni a few days ago and was unicycling like crazy since then. Not only does it ride much better, it seems to improve my skill or makes me more daring somehow. :grin:

All that riding is not only taking its toll on my whole body, it’s also making itself felt in my head. I had a dream yesterday that kept repeating itself. I was riding down a steep trail and suddenly I realized that I had no contact with the pedals (I couldn’t, I was asleep). This terrified me so much that it pulled me out of the dream each time and I ended up lying awake in bed with my heart racing. :cold_sweat:

I already realized that I should slow things down a bit, but I’d be interested to know if you’ve had any experiences like this?


I often dream of unicycling but these are not nightmares!
in my dreams I have fantastic skills … and when I wake up I am happy!


Did I have thoughts/dreams I could freemount my 36er… and I did it today? Just maybe!!!


Same here. When I dream about unicycling, I ride like a madman with tremendous skills on rough terrain, I jump over obstacles, and in some dreams, I even use at perfection a freewheel unicycle (I owned one some time ago that I only tried for 15 min…).

I don’t remember having ever a unicycling dream where I was actually bad.
Also, when I dream that I speak English, it’s often quite good English, which I am not capable of in real life. :sweat_smile:


Have you reconsidered the 36" nightfox? You have a KS, right?

I’ve got a KH, I can use it with the seat all the way down on 150mm cranks and also using KH Fusion Street saddle. Because this setup is ok, I am ok without using a nightfox. I would like to try/buy a second hand 32" uni, but basically i’ve never seen one for sale in Australia. So, the other option would be to buy new, but it’s very expensive. I also know a 29er with 3.25" tyre might end up with about the same diameter anyway, and a friend has one of those.

Next time when you have that repeating dream tell yourself to try gaining back control of the unicycle, and if can’t, to bail out safely to the ground. We do have some control of our dreams and able to change it’s course. (though my nightmares with my schooldays and failing to adequately study before an exam also just ends up with me waking up in sweat! Not able to control those yet :slight_smile: )

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