Unicycling in Cirque Du Soleil

This is impressive. My sister went and saw it last night and thought I might to watch this clip. She was right.

There isn’t even a level to describe this pair.

already posted as far as i know if my memory is good but why not again.

Id never seen that so i’m glad it was resurrected. And as usual from CDS, top notch performance.

classy kick up mount. i can do it but…not as classy

lol Everything in there is classy :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder how much time they spent practicing swinging that girl around his neck…

They’re most certainly level 11 capable.

Amazing video.

I had the same thought ! Ahah

Very impressive! It’s amazing

Truth, but as usual from CDS bought-in, and just restyled.
Have a look at the act when it won gold on the Cirque du Demain festival in Paris.
I always liked the sober neutral costumes, it makes you focus on them, in stead of making the ring an haut-couture fashion catwalk.

Man, you should see his dismount!

Something like 5 years full time, at the circus school in Kiev.

But he’s married to another :slight_smile: I think to someone in New York.
But from the pictures I can tell he’s lovely dad to their lovely child!

From what I’ve heard they will not stay at the show when the tour will head to Europe :frowning:
Same for Anthony Gatto who’s already transfered from Kooza to another (permanent) show.

The last time I met them was in 2004 and 2005, and a fan ever since.