Unicycling improved my double bass drumming

I know I am not unicycling in this video, so I hope I am not violating any rules. But all that unicycling has actually improved my double bass drumming control and strength. I heard people say that unicycling has helped improved their skill in other sports, but for me it is this. I could never do this on double bass before despite sitting and practising on the drums for hours before.


Cool stuff, it certainly looks like it needs great coordination.

The pole studios I attend have been taken over by another owner (the original owner decided to retire). To progress under this new management you need to do all skills on both sides of the body, so you cannot just do things well on your right side if you want to progress. So now I’ve decided to apply that thinking to my unicycling skills.

Freemounting a 20" right foot first feels a whole lot less weird than it used to.
Right foot down idling doesn’t seem so hard.

I don’t know how I’ll go with right foot mounting on bigger wheels yet, but I’ll keep working on these skills, starting with the smaller wheel and hopefully working up.


Interesting, I can play a normal kit and do that “double kick toe/heel” thing on my right foot, but on my left foot(hi-hat) I don’t seem to have any super powers.

I believe it’s the “endurance” from the unicycle requiring “natural in-efficiency” to create more effort for balance and “back pressure” than normal bicycling. Your legs are “tense” all the time, especially if you ride off road or long uphills. (a bmx trick rider who hard ever sits on the saddle would know what I mean)

I can’t see my 6 years riding helping me with my 1/32, 1/64 or 1/128th notes on the bass drum…I can barely do 1/32nds.

Rock on…slam…

BTW, anybody want to get into drums. It’s not that hard, but you must either have natural ear for beats or enjoy a very linear machine like learning process that is more mechanical than musical.

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Yeah. For drumming many still use single bass but if you have another leg to kick that bass… I see you are a lefty too. I try to use my weaker right foot for idling, single foot rides, single foot idles, freemount too. George Peck was the one who inspired me to do tricks with both feet esp single foot riding. The more you do it the more natural it becomes. It does help your normal riding also when both legs are more equal, yeah?

with our type of brassband (playing in the street) we beat the bass drum with a mallet (is that the right name? I am not sufficiently fluent in English). If I need to play (when the guy in charge is absent) I always use my left hand … and there is the point: when unicycling everybody thinks I am left handed (not exactly true : I do lot of thing with my right hand - such as writing- but I am considered as a “lefty” for some other occupations). other common point: your brain goes in “flow” mode.

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Before unicycling I did ride a MTB frequently but it’s the unicycle that made the real difference in bass drumming for me

I knew that unicycling and metalcore went hand in hand. Now there is proof!
Nice work mate. Very cool outcome.

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